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My Mind Is Full Of Filth

i am a shy person, and people think i'm sweet, lol. i feel like i should tell you all the dirty, disgusting, filthy things that fill my mind everyday...

i want to **** old men, the uglier and creepier the better. i fantasise about them touching me up in public. once i came in my pants when i rubbed myself watching a horse with it's **** out. i hardly ever wear knickers with a skirt, i want people to see my ***-wet thighs. i **** about men with dirty ***** ******* in my ******* in public toilets. i suck **** whenever i can. i want someone to buy me as a sex doll and keep me in a crate, unpacking me when he wants to use my tight **** holes. i like it hard up my ***. i hang around public toilets hoping to get ******. i live on the ground floor and i ********** naked with the curtains open when i know the bin men or window cleaners are outside. i want you to treat me like an object. i fantasise about having my arms and legs amputated and being kept as a sex toy by a sick pervert. i will do exactly as you say. i meet strangers in carparks. i **** wherever i'm told to. i like tight prolonged bondage. i need to feel degraded. i wish i could be a breeding **** and live on a farm like an animal, bred by humans, pigs and horses. i have wanked and licked dog **** and i liked it. i spend almost half my time looking at disgusting ****. i drool at the thought of being raped. my dad used to touch me up and i liked it. i still ********** at the thought of what he used to do to me. i fantasise about ****** with male members of my family. i get off reading dolcett fantasies. i would love to be tied down and feel snakes wriggling up my **** and anal holes. i like men ******* on me. i let a group of complete strangers **** me on a nudist beach. i like showing my bare ***** to strangers in public. i *********** for a bus driver. once i advertised my **** for sale on the internet and let the lowest bidder **** me at the side of the road. i will beg you to treat me badly. i have toyed with the notion of becoming a slave for real, signing myself over legally to a complete stranger in another country to do with as he will. i would like to be very tightly encased in metal, almost to the point of crushing me, then put into storage until a buyer is found for me. i would happily be someones petgirl. i want to be forced to wear a tail as an anal plug. i like inflatable gags and head harnesses. i **** about being displayed naked and wet in the middle of town at night for drunks to use. i would love to be kept naked as cattle and milked, my **** becoming huge painfully swollen teats. i *** quickly whenever i think about being impaled on a spit and roasted alive. i have sex dreams about aliens and monsters raping me, i always wake up with cummy knickers. i like looking at pictures of perverts in the newspapers knowing what they would do to me. i want to become friends with a man who breed dogs. i think the government should employ me as a live-in **** in a maximim security prison for violent offenders. i can take a beating.

do you still think i'm sweet?
dirtycnt dirtycnt 26-30, F 74 Responses Jan 28, 2011

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****, that's officially the hottest ******* post I've seen on EP. Marry Me!! ;)

Something so amazing about a true **** that owns it... you are not sweet but a wonderful **** that needs a hard ******* and to be used as the sex object she is

mmmmm Me too...I want to be tricked into submission and used in every hole. I want public humiliation, and pain. I'd love to drink someone's ****. I get excited at the thought of electric torture and waterboarding. I want to be fisted. I run without bras and a super tight tanktop, just to give people hard-ons. All I want is for some stranger to steal me and break me, and use me like a fucktoy--an object with no purpose but to pleasure him. I want dildoes in every hole, and I want to be beaten up. I want bondage.

please add me...I'd love to discuss the perfect fantasy

yes, please!

this is wild. i wish i had your imagination. I wanked and fantasized that you were here.

Where are you from, I will go and pick you up and make you mine so we can make all your dreams come true baby.... So nasty, i love it.

Ho hell yes you the sweetest women alive you make my **** hard you would be perfect to run a day care with your sweet mind. You words and thought saduce me

just let me know who to pay, and i will have my people buy you for my amuzment, and to entertain my clients.

Very sweet. You have quite an imagination. I think your last fantasy there rocks. Think of all the *** that goes wasted in prisons, There should be a gal like you there to take it all. Take up residence in the toilet there for them to **** and *** all over and in you, Work 24 hr. shifts; might have to wake up if someone wants to use you. Maybe be allowed a quick shower once a week but only if the guys say it's okay to rinse. Otherwise you can let the guard dogs lick you if the guys say it's okay. Dogs that haven't been fixed...

Yup, sweet horny lil *** ***** ;)

very visual
would love to share these experiences with you

Well if it was as simple as saying you are still sweet or not then yes you are but, life is not that simple. Your story does turn me on but also makes me think about being one of those old guys using a sweet young thing for his own depraved use. Oh damn I am getting turned on again. Thank you for the nice story

horny ****

Youiis ok/ I keeps it in the family. I even sits on mommys face.

How about having your naked body slide slowly into the mouth of a whale.

Merry Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will lock you in my closet and let you out every night to be ****** sensless by man and beast.

Were very alike lol but people have a **** idea of how filthy i am if they only knew what does be bouncing round my head at times lol keep the faith

Nope not at all ur a very dirty girl

i would like to give it to you hard in the *** at a public bathroom..

What a nasty yummy girl your the best

I think you are a bit psycho, touched in the head, but in a funny way. Family members, they are jolly fun to mount. It will spice up the family parties till eternity.

my skype: guy4milf

First you should add me then we can talk about whaaat i am going to make you do for me!

My kinda girl. I'm old, and filthy, would love to have you in my life and help you fulfill all your fantasies.

you ought to LOVE me, old, ancient even, creepy too.... lol<br />
Nice to meet you girl...

Do you have time for a hobby?

MY GOD!!! You no idea what I would like to do to you right now!!!

This, frankly, doesn't sound much like a woman, but like the raving antics of a pimpled male teenager...or a really old male pervert!

It's great to know other human beings have sick fantasies too. It's great to share them. Thanks

Well, I am sure you are a sweet girl who just needs a good lover and the one who can fill your mind with only love and no filth that you have mentioned. Divert your energy into finding a good man for yourself and I know you will come out of your nasty thoughts.

very hot...i would love to own u.