Dirty, Nasty, And Wet

I have been turned on by hot nasty sex every since I can remember. Nothing makes me hotter than hearing my partner talk dirty while we ****. I also like caling her dirty names like, you nasty ****, or filthy *****. I like to watch nasty **** with her then act out some of the nastier scenes. She loves being free to let go and act out her nasty fantasies, especially those that involve more than one person. She likes ******* other men while I watch. She talks so hot, and nasty when she does. This makes me super hot. I especially like the way her ***** gets all wet, and juicy. I dont know about the rest of you but the nastier it is the better I like it.
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46-50, M
13 Responses Oct 24, 2011

I luv it talk dirty

Thats nasty, but I love nasty,so really it is FUN !

I am also a nasty girl who likes to taste myself on my partner's fingers, either female or male, you sound hot and nasty like me!

I love to be spoken to like a dirty ***** don't forget to pull my hair smack my *** and force me to swollow :)

The dirtier, and nastier, the better I like it. I've had women call me a man ****, man *****, ***********, *** licking *****, and I love it soo much. Nothing is too kinky or raunchy for me. Please email me at rebelrooster56@hotmail.com. Both men and women. Want to hear from all like minded individuals

Nastier the better, nothing is off limits for me.

That's not nasty; it's just having fun.


This is NASTY. Sure, it sounds great fun.

A diamond for sure, she is truly awesome

Congrats on sharing your dirty ***** wife with the world...would gladly shoot a big shot of *** in her for you. kudos to you both on the lifestyle, sounds like you have a gem.

Me toooooooo.....

Just like how I like my women!