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Nasty Sex For A Nasty Girl.

I love nasty sex.

I **** older men who quite often aren't even good looking just because it makes me feel nasty and cheap. I let men have their way with me and I do things which I don't really enjoy that much just because I know the man I am with wants it and it pleases him and that turns me on, the idea of putting his pleasures over myself. To be an obediant girl.

I dress like a **** a lot of times and it is so hot when a a man who could be my dad show interest in me. Especially the ones who look at at me as a dickbag and treat me as one.

I love to do nasty stuff for men.
Borntopleasure Borntopleasure 18-21, F 52 Responses May 2, 2012

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You are a treasure!

Well said, know exactly where ur ******* from.

wow you got my **** hard am slowly jacking off reading this love nasty things do you like your *** hole licked an ******

Sounds good to me. I am 47. Think we are going to get along quite wel

if you love doing nasty stuff for men then get with this pervert you slutty girl.

My type of girl how do I meet girls like you

What a good little *** **** you are!

dickbag....luv it..oh how sweet and nasty you are ..

will you come help a old man out and **** the hell out of me


think you should marry me

you're my kind of nasty girl get with me and be my nasty star.

add me **** i am a real dirty old man and i have been looking for someone like you to use

Sounds GREAT!!!

we need more *****

Wow..Where does the line start?

Well this 0ld bear wants his hairy *** licked. Are you up for it ****?

nice little tramp ur

damn baby why arent you here with me being all nasty would love it

<3 <3 sit in my lap naughty girl <3 the lap dance over my **** <3

mmm well I'm quite a good looking older guy who'd love to fulfill yr fantasies

Do i count? Add please?

Older men are better at sex especially married men deprived by there spouse

oh you should add me soon

wow. please add me

wow... sounds quite tempting... ay chance?

I have a few nasty thing I would love to do to you.

i will tie you down to the bed in a doggy position. on your knees, *** up face down in the pillows but your arms tied together and pulled between your legs and connected to your ankles. i'm gonna lube your *** hole with my tongue before i push my **** deep into your ***! i'm gonna grab your hair and use your head to steady my rhythm as i **** your ***! then i'm gonna flip you over and hang your head off of the edge of the bed so i can go from ******* your *** to ******* your throat! then im gonna put you on your back with your legs over your head and your *** in the air so i have easy access to lick your ***** and *** while you pee on my face and chest and it drips down on to your face, and i'm gonna drop my **** in your mouth and fill your throat with my ****... then after you *** in my mouth, im gonna stand up and push my **** into your *** and *** deep inside of you... then you will sit down in front of me and suck my **** while i let any extra fluids flow from my ****, and you finger all of the *** out of your *** so i can watch you eat it!

WOW! Would you be willing to come to my house? I havent had sex in 5yrs I would love to make you my sex slave. I would love to face **** you until I blow my laod down your throat making you swallow it!

how i wish to met a girl like you and **** to the core and enjoy it the same time.hhhh,,,whew