Very Kinky

i am going to lay you on your back with your *** in the air and legs over your head... i'm gonna eat you until you *** and then some while you suck my ****... switching between your *** and *****... then i'm gonna spread your *** wide open, and pour in your favorite drink.... then i will have you sit over a glass so that you can pour it back out, and we can share it! i have never done this but i want to...
breakdance1107 breakdance1107
26-30, M
4 Responses May 8, 2012

That's hot, u can do that to me any day

thats hot

sound like it could be fun.

you should try it with me!

it's always my fantasy putting a whipped cream onto someone's **** and then sucking it reeaallll goooddd...

i have no objections to that! go ahead and i'm sure that my *** will taste even better with that whip cream!