Doing My Thing

Had a short affair with a spanish girl...she invited me to her house and after the usual exchange of nice words and laughter about silly jokes we went to bed where I f****d her as I usually do...hard ,with no compromises, leaving her behind sweaty and shaking..afterwards she told me we dont 'sexually' fit , because she wants to be treated with respect and not f****d like a b****ch...well, well..after telling her, that this is probably the last thing she can get from me, she kicked me out...i was slightly disappointed, but seeing her today during a meeting and looking into her eyes all the while...communicating through looks and smile that I would love to do the same thing right now again, only being a little harder on her than the first time and punish her for the disrespect she displayed towards me, made me all happy and smiles..
asmodean1980 asmodean1980
31-35, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

(-: sweet....