Bend Over *****

I park in the woodland car part, it is pretty much empty being a Wednesday early afternoon but I know what I am looking for and weekdays are always good for middle class middle aged horny women bored and out looking for trouble.

After sitting awhile, a small silver car pulls into the car park. She is probably 40, nothing special to look at just a woman, probably a wife and mother out for a mid week walk.

Choosing her pathway she sets off into the woods. Slowly, careful not to catch her attention I get out of my car follow her, walking some distance behind her and watching the sway of her hips in a red summer skirt as she walks along the pathway through the forest. As I walk I imagine what it would be like to lift her skirt, think about her ***** wet and sticky and about all her arsehole. Does she do anal sex? Does her boyfriend **** her up there? What are her perversions or is she Miss Prissy who does nothing wrong ever or maybe she is a closet Lesbian – but too scared to ever do anything about it.

For maybe 10 minutes she walks on unaware of me as I stroll behind her, my **** hardening as my imagination runs riot.

She suddenly she stops, I fall back quickly behind a tree and watch as she looks about her then making up her mind dives off onto a side path. After a few seconds I follow cautiously along the side path, treading softly trying not to make a noise or alert her. A few hundred yards in I stop and then proceed more carefully as I catch sight of a flash of red ahead of me.

Hiding in the trees I move slowly forward. The woman still has her back to me and is standing in a lovely sunny clearing. She is looking around carefully and then apparently satisfied she is safe and alone squats down, back to me pulling her knickers down and starts to pee. I can see her lovely ****, slippery and wet. I can imagine its smell and taste. Her arsehole is visible clear as day and I watch as her pee splashes down her leg and onto the ground. My **** is rampaging now, straining against my jeans and I make up mind that this is one chance to live my fantasy.

Slowly, quietly being careful not to tread on any twigs and alert her as she finishes her toilet I step forward out of the trees and work my way until I am standing hidden by a large tree only a few feet behind her. Now I have to make the decision and go forward or not…

Much depends on her reaction; she is alone here in the middle of the woods with her knickers down apparently completely unaware of my presence. As I watch she surprises me. Instead of getting up and pulling up her knickers she pulls the skirt up and hidden behind it I see her fiddling between her legs, either she is wiping her ***** or playing with it from where I am standing it is hard to see exactly what she is doing to herself.

Then I see she turns slightly towards me and I watch as she slowly ***** on the forest floor. I am riveted watching as she pushes it out and it curls into a little pile and I can see she is slowly ************ totally caught up in her pleasure.

Her hands are rubbing her **** and then down to her anus she is pushing a finger insider and then slowly ******* herself with it.

I make up my mind, the time has come. I step forward behind her and reaching down I take her hair in my hand, not hard but with just enough pressure to be able to keep her sitting down. Swiftly reaching down I cup my other hand round her mouth.

She wriggles and tries to scream, but I am too strong and pushing her I tell her I wont hurt her if she doesn’t fight me. For a second she looks up and seeing my eyes the fight does out of her and she stops. Now still holding her hair and with my hand over her mouth I step forward to get a better look at her wet *****.

Now there is a surprise. As I look between her legs I can see she had had a butt plug rammed into her anus. It lies on the ground where she has pushed it out, **** smeared and sticky.

I know I have won she isn’t going to complain no matter what I do. She isn’t some nice middle class housewife who went for a stroll, stopped for a pee and a **** found herself feeling horny. She is much, much more than that she is a dirty little ****, who came out here with a plug up her arsehole looking for sex and now she is about to become my personal sex toy.

‘OK,’ I say ‘I am going to remove my hand, do not scream or shout or I will smack you so hard you wont wake up for a week. Do you understand?’

She nods…eyes wide with fear – or is it really fear or something else?

I look down and her **** is stiffening…she shuffles slightly opening her legs so I can see her finger still in her anus. I take my hand away from her mouth and when she doesn’t move, I let go of her hair. She pulls her finger out and then just sits there obediently waiting, her **** ramrod stiff like a little **** but no match for mine that is nearly bursting through my zipper…

As I slowly unzip my jeans, and pull them down and off I think to myself this is going to be a very, very interesting afternoon. She makes no move at all, just sits waiting. I slip off my knickers next and then walk round until I am facing her.

‘Kneel up,’ I tell her. Obediently she move forward onto her knees, red dress spread over her legs. I take out my **** and then gripping the back of her head again I pull her forward, then slipping it into the warm depths of her soft mouth ‘Suck me.’ Is all I say…’ this afternoon is going to be a lot of fun.
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Dec 17, 2012