I do enjoy nasty sex, but what I love most of all is fulfilling fantasies. It gets me off good, when I do something nasty for someone knowing they always wanted it.

I once let a guy pee on me just because he thought it was the most erotic thing, and he never tried it before.

I suppose I don't have any fantasies of my own, because I just like making other peoples come to life.
TellyLuvsSex TellyLuvsSex
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8 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Good girl

I would love to have you pee on me

That's very generous to fulfill others fantasies. Would you wear hosiery for a guy?

lol of course

Great story. Would you do the reverse and pee for a man?

More women need to be like you! I have fantasies but all.the women I've been with r stuck up snobs

I am sorry to hear that.

id love to make some fantasies come true with you x

wild sexy girl

You sound like a great lady. I like making Tommy's fantasies come true most of the time. I won't **** his friends but anything else is cool. He has peed on me and I have peed on him too. My own fantasies are all about girls but I can't meet the right one.

I can be talked into just about anything....

I am sorry to hear that :(