Car Sex

I'd been so ******* horny...

My wife had been sick for over a week, so our nights consisted of hot tea, medicine and early bed times...Then I got an early morning text that simply said "hey'...Our code word for "I am really horny and wanna ****"...I couldn't wait to text back:

"How's your day?" [meaning "can you get away"]

"Pretty Good" [yes]

"Working out today?" [What time?]

"Going early. About 9"

...And so it was set, she would leave her house at 9 and text me for more details. Sometimes my office would work, sometimes another location on the company campus...and today, as it would happen, the backseat of my SUV.

After making sure nobody seemed to be in the area, she climbed into the back...Just seeing her got me hard and as we drove to a more secluded location (near a test range) she was already peeling off her pants, revealing a skimpy purple thong...I reached back between the seat as she pulled her **** out for me to touch. All I could say was..."****"...All she said was "yes".

I parked at the empty range, double checked for vehicles and got out to join her in the big backseat...When I opened the door, she was on all fours, facing me and smiling--without any words, I unzipped and pushed my **** into her waiting and willing mouth. I stood in the door, scanning over the hood of the car, and ****** her face while she grabbed my *** and pushed the head of my **** all the way to the back of her throat. I thought I was going to *** just looking down at her with my **** shoved deep in her mouth as she tried to I grabbed her head and held her there as she stuck out her tongue and began licking my balls at the same time...Once the urge to shoot my load down her throat subsided, i pulled her face off my **** and leaned in to give her a deep kiss on the mouth as I pulled her head back by the hair. She was already in just a bra and panties having undressed completely during the short drive and I reached for her ****, pulling them up and out of her bra while we kissed...

"Turn around", I told her and she spun in the seat as I slide in next to her--Her thong disappearing in the crack of her *** was so hot...I pulled it to the side. her ***** was peeking out, just begging to be licked, fingered and ******... I lowered my head and began to lick her shaved ****. She was moaning as i tongue-****** her and jumped a bit when I slid up and licked her tight *******...She has been promising I can **** her in the *** soon...I stuck my tongue in her *** and began fingering her ***** as she pushed back against my face...I thought I might get to **** her in the *** this day, but I wanted her to *** on my ****...I positioned myself behind her and she reached back to guide me into her slick *****...She is tight and little, but this time I went all the way in with one push... i reached around to grab a *** in each hand and began ******* her in earnest, pulling her back onto my **** by her **** as I shoved my hips forward...She was ready to ***--moaning and pushing he head down into the seat, reaching back for my balls while I continued to slam her **** and grope her big ****...I could feel my own explosion building and just let it go this time---pushing all the way inside her and leaving a load deep...She heaved and moaned and one of her thighs trembled slightly and I knew she too was *******...

I pulled out and she spun around to clean my ****...if we had more time, she probably would have kept sucking until I was hard again and could **** her some more...But I had to go...I pulled my **** out of her mouth and kissed her slutty mouth before pulling up my pants and getting back into the driver's seat.

"That was ******* fun," I said as  drove off...She smiled and kept putting on her clothes....

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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Hot! Hell hot! Reminds me of my younger days! You go, guy!