Finally......the Drought Is Over

Ok, long story short. I am in a god forsaken state (I'll keep it secret so as not to offend anyone) taking care of a relative who had an accident and cant do things for herself. I was volunteered by hubby, Thanks hunny! Anyway, small are scarce.....well real men anyway. Hubby is back home because he has to work and I'm wilting here. I love sex. I love being kinky and I pretty much want sex all th time. So.....I'm dying here.
Made friends with this 18 year old girl that lives up the country road about a mile or more. She is pretty wild and insatiable to. She loves hearing about the men where I live. She wants to come home with me if I ever get out of here. She brought over her brother one night who is 10 years older than her and a Marine on leave from Afghanistan. We went to the guest house where I stay and proceeded to drink Bourban until we were **** faced. Her brother told us it had been a year since he had ****** anyone and that he wanted to **** us. I was to horny and drunk to think about the "us" part. He raised up off the couch and the next thing I know he is stradling me. He leans down and kisses me deep and hard thrusting his tongue down my throat. All the while his hands are busy stripping my clothes off of me. Once naked he grabbed my legs and pushed them up so my knees are on either side of my head and he is now licking my already soaked *****, thrusting his tongue in me and telling me how good I taste, after several minutes of this he says he cant wait any longer. He flips me over and bends me over the back of the couch and slides his thick **** deep in my *****.
He holds it deep and moans about how good it feels. Then he proceeds to **** me really hard, slapping my *** every few strokes, telling me he plans to **** me until I cant walk. He is doing a pretty good job of it, I have already *** on his **** several times and my *** is sore as hell from being spanked. He pulls out and slides several fingers deep in my ***** and proceeds to hand **** me for awhile spreading me open wide and making me sore. Then he announces its time to **** me in the ***. He pulls me off the couch and tells me to get on my hands and knees. I had forgotten about his sister, so as I'm getting on the floor I see her standing there naked with a big grin on her face, her brother gets behind me and shoves his **** deep in my *** with a low growl and proceeds to **** my *** hard while continuing the assault slaps on my ***. Meanwhile his sister slides under me and starts licking my ***** and sucking on my ****. I thought I would explode. Now besides slapping my *** he reaches around and grabs my **** hard and pulls me backwards savagely onto his **** with my ****. Then he cups my **** with both hand and pulls me up and growls into my ear that when I wake up tomorrow I'll have a hurting ******* ***** and *** and **** sore as hell with probable bite marks. Needless to say I came again and his sister is down there fingering my **** and sucking up the juices. After what seemed like forever with him pounding my sore *** he finally ****. I go limp on the floor and finally look up to see his sister sucking him clean
After a while I finally feel like I can move my legs and stumble to the bathroom, As I do my fatigued and drunk brain registers that he is now ******* his sister. I'm kind of shocked, but I decide not to judge. As Im going past them he reaches out and tells me not to go to far because he isnt done with me yet and he still intends to **** me some more and keep his promise about my ****. I smile exhaustedly thinking there is no way since he is now ******* his sister like a stallion. Boy was I wrong. A little while later he threw me over his shoulder with his sister in tow and we went to the barn where the night got kinkier. But thats another and longer story. I did wake up the next morning just as he said. Sore as hell with marks all over my **** and body, only half of which I could see were teeth marks, wasnt sure I could walk to the bathroom. I managed, but my legs were rubber and weak as hell. This could get interesting if he is on leave for awhile.

Sore but happy **** still in the middle of nowhere!
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What a night! Great stuff xx

Oh wow! Seems like you enjoyed yourself ;-)

mmmmm...luv it....Isn't variety great?

Hoping it gets kinky in the barn.

This story got me hard as a rock. Would love to help you out of your frustrations. Please add me as a friend.


Damn that was hot. I hope you wrote the barns tory too. Damn.

Wow you got me so hard, loved the story and what a lucky sister.
Would love to read more. Please add me xx

damn babe ! but it hurt oh so good! mmmmmmmmmmmm

Good for you!!

wish I had made you sore for a few days ! ! !

please reply ! ! ! with your feelings or thoughts! ! !

wow !!! great story

Great story! We want more... ;-)

Wow he sure has a lot of stamina to give both you gurls a good time like that. I hope you have many more such experiences and so nice of you not to judge him and his sister. Besides, no one got hurt.. much ;) and all had a good time.

I take it your hubby doesn't know about any of this and that is exactly how you want to keep things. Stay naughty and dont let go of any opportunities.


yea girl !!! you was xtra well ****** ! !

Great story, please write more...thank you for sharing

Very nice - would love to hear about the barn. Seems there may have been some discipline in store as well.. lol

Great VICKI ...You sure had fun !!!
Cheers !!!

Awesome story !

Sounds like a great time was had by all! Look forward to hearing the rest of the story!

Lucky Marine!!!!

Vicki, you are SO damn sexy! :) Now I am going to look for what happened in the barn. Hope posted it. :)

Sounds like you had a wonderful time did you ever get out of that god forsaken state?

Our soldier deserve good sex when they return. Sounds like a great time.

Sounds like your dry spell got real wet, real fast! Great story!

they hot story, cant wait to hear about what kinkiness happened in the barn

Interesting story. Exciting. When do we get to hear about the barn and the rest of the story?

Mmmm baby your story makes me hard n dripping....I love it kinky also

This was so hot it made me hard just reading it

Awesome, very very hot!!!