My Son

My son has been stealing my and my Daughters clothes for wearing for a while now. so for Christmas I brought him a complete outfit. Because he likes clothes we have worn I wore his outfit for the day before presenting them to him while I was still wearing them. he assumed this meant he could remove them which he started to do.

He first unbuttoned my blouse running his hands all over my breast before reaching under my skirt. As I started to protest that his gift was the clothes he said i know but he did not slow up a bit. He soon had my bra unhooked and off. he started to feel me up and yes i let him because. by then I was shall we say ready and willing.

So i let my 18 year old son climb on to me pull his new panties to the side and **** me. he then told me to wear the panties for a while stating he will remove them later.

He did and yes he ****** me again, I did inform him it would be the last free one he would get.

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WOw, just wow !