Class Reunion

So Lisa and I go to help plan out class reunion. So eight people show up to help plan this big event. Lisa and I and six guys all formed customers. The reunion which I might add never got planned will be planned later. As we started to get reunited with old class mates the subject of sex came up and one of the boys finally just asked. Are you as big of a **** as you were in school? To which I ask why what ever do you mean none of you guys ever called me a **** in school only your girlfriends did. But as I remember you just wanted to go out when you girlfriends were away or busy. I asked Tom how many thirty minute dates have we been on?

Soon the guys asked about a thirty minute date and one of them said no we should go to the drive-in. A reference to an arangment we had where I'd go to the drive-in with four or five guys and well they would take turns in the back seat, of course I got to stay in the back seat.

The boy started pooling their money and came up with five hundred. I agreed and soon the guys were taking turns pounding my *****. When they all had a turn Lisa said my turn and she got between my legs and the boys got a show. She really knows what to do to get me off.

When she and I were finished she pushed my legs apart and said seconds anyone. She let the guys feel her up and gave lap dances nut wouldn't let anyone **** her.

She told me later that at the reunion they will dearly for a chance to **** wait and see. I believe she is right but as long as she comes to my bed at the end of the night i don't care.

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SOooo hot !!!