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I was flouncing down the crowded street
looking saucy and sexy and sweet
just traipsing along in my 5-inch open-toed pumps
when up jumps some dude and in a manner so rude
gets in my face and calls me "a *********** ******"
which I was and I am there's no doubt
but what gives him the right to shout
abuse at me as if there's no excuse for me to exist
I stood there in my tight purple *****-dress
exaggerating the limp of my wrist
tossing my hair like a ****
then I giggled and stuck out my cute little butt
He pointed at a group of 4 children who were gaping wide-eyed at me..."You're corrupting these children with your obscene perversity!!"
I tossed my hair and put one hand on my hip and batted my eyes at him. "I bet you really want to kiss me. Don'tcha, sugar?"
His face turned bright red from something anger or embarrassment or something who knows?
As I strutted away, really working my hips just for show, as I passed those children I blew them a kiss theatrically. One boy of 10 or 11 caught my eye. He was thin and his face was beautiful. Cupid pout of a mouth. Blonde curls framing his pretty cheeks. Gorgeous dark brooding sexy eyes glistening fixed on me. "Well hi there, girlfriend. Aren't you the pretty one?" I could feel his eyes on my tight girlish *** as I sashayed away, looking at him over my shoulder and winking: "You come look me up in a couple years, Maybe we'll be "bestest" girlfriends."
The crowded sidewalk parted for me as I swept girlishly along, smiling and strutting along.
A stupid-looking muscle-bound lunkhead wearing motorcycle boots and a wife-beater sneered at me: "Get off the streets you ******* ******!"
"How 'bout we go back to your place? I know you want some. Don't you? For your information I was voted "MIss ********** Of 2001" by the judges at The Pink *****" nightclub in San Francisco. I got 2000 dollars, a beautiful crown, and a very large crystal goblet filled with at least 2 pints of *****. I could have kept you hard for hours and made you come rivers but you blew it you stupid ******* aggressive *****. How dare you judge me! I wouldn't suck your **** if you were the last man on earth! You horrible beast!"
and I worked it runway style as I took my lady-like leave. A few bystanders applauded.
KaraSyrup KaraSyrup 36-40 2 Responses Mar 25, 2013

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Wish I could do what you do and go out in public like that :) I love how you handled each one of the confrontations and made those jerks step down. Stay strong and sexy, Kara :) xoxo

how sweet The queen of 2001 reigns supreme. love to see you and feel those trophy lips and tongue on me . Maybe i could learn a trick or two from you. :)