More Than A Mouthful Is A Waste....

Natural boobs, whether they be big or small, are just more responsive to the touch. My fave is the smaller breasted women, but the responsiveness holds true for all. Even if they have a bit of sag after a few years, some well applied attention will perk those babies right up to the delight of the woman on the receiving end.

'Enhanced' boobs look great when admiring them from afar, but, for me, have always been a bit of a disappointment once we get them out in the open air. Sure they 'look' firm and all that, but the level of satisfaction and responsiveness seems less.
mercianknight mercianknight
46-50, M
3 Responses Oct 1, 2010

It is an inspiration to grow my own boobs so I can play with them .

my "more than a mouthful" is certainly not wasted! there's more to hold in the hand. there's more to enjoy as they bounce and sway. Yes, mine are ALL NATURAL, and being a very large breasted woman is a joy; especially with a man who knows what to do with a gorgeous all natural "i" cup rack!

Hey anything left over after your mouthful I will take, I love huge boobs and trust me I can do plenty with more then a mouthful.