Alternative Healing Practioners...Andrew Weil, Jethro Kloss, and James A. Duke Ph.D.

The sixties was about alternatives, and "alternative medicine" was one of the products of that era...

Dr. Andrew Weil I believe, is one of the best.

To find information on alternative medical practices or nutrition information, copy and paste the link below into your browsers address bar, and then do a key word search on his website.


# 1. [Andrew Weil]




[Bio on Wikipedia]:


[The Academy of Achievement Article]:


[Some of the Weil books still in print]:



# 2. [Jethro Kloss]:


"Back to Eden"

This book is the best of the best for anyone interested in self help and avoiding doctors.

Back to Eden opened my eyes to the possibilities of curing disease and living a healthy life using basic simple remedies and life style changes.

He published his first copy of "Back to Eden" in 1939, so it's old but filled with practical advice on herbs, nutrition, natural therapy that still holds relivence, even now.

"Unlike most other natural health advocates, Jethro Kloss used herbs, food and natural therapies on a daily basis."

I like this book the best for the above reason.

"Back to Eden" is available at, and probably Barnes and Noble.

I've got the 1995 edition, I'm not sure what printing they're on now?

but here's the link....




One more herbalist, natural health advocate I really should mention.

[James Duke]

A former USDA botanist, he spent many years exploring the jungles of South America.

His book "The Green Pharmacy" is one of my favorites.

It's loaded with practical, usefull, herbal disease treatment and alternative healing information.

[The Green Pharmacy Website]:


[Some of Jim  Dukes Books]: at

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I would love to see more people use western methods rather than pharmaceuticals. I truly believe in alternative healing and prevention. After two surgeries on my Rotator Cuff, I was still in excruciating pain. My sister in-law referred me to for acupuncture . They put me in touch with an excellent Practitioner and after acupuncture treatments - I am pain free without pharmaceuticals!