My Favorite Outfit

I have a favorite outfit.  One I wear more often than any other.  I sleep in it, bath in it, cook in it; love in it;  in fact, I cannot think of anything that I have not done while wearing my favorite outfit.
I was reminded of my favorite outfit last Sunday, when I certainly was not wearing it.  I was in a tourist bureau talking to the receptionist about various happenings around town.  She spoke of a biker event that left quite an impression on her.  Many of the attendees were wearing my favorite outfit and that seemed to strike her as a bit odd, but overall pleasant.  Except for one lady.
This particular biker lady was completely at home in her outfit, laughing and cavorting with others, always cheerful in her demeanor.  But her outfit was particularly disturbing to the receptionist.  The biker lady was wearing only her skin, just as many others were, but her skin was particularly full and contorted.  For some reason the receptionist was quite offended by it.
Why?  I asked.  Would you be offended by someone, who was obviously so comfortable in her own skin?
All she could respond with was with reference to the woman's physical state (fat?).  Who wants to see that? Can you imagine?
Well, I have a Hawaiian shirt that is both; quite comfy and quite colorful.  People often comment on its colorfulness (LOUD!).  I like it mostly because of its comfy-ness, but I must confess.  I like that it stands out in a crowd.  It is like my favorite outfit; except that it won't get me arrested.
I wish I had been there.  When the woman at the biker rally was so unabashedly enjoying herself; as herself.  I would have joined her.
My favorite outfit has qualities about it that stir emotions.  People look at it and think very private thoughts.  They blame me for those thoughts.  I cannot be held accountable for their thoughts!  Maybe the receptionist had her own weight issues that were stirred by the biker lady.  Good for her!  We need those challenges.  The biker lady knew that!  She reveled in it. 
So, where I can, I will wear my favorite outfit.  If it challenges the senses of those in witness, so be it.  If I cannot, then I will wear my Hawaiian shirt (& sarong).  I will be me, in the best fashion that 'me' can be expressed.

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3 Responses Jan 24, 2012

One size fits all! lol :)

If the skin fits, wear it. Thanks for sharing this story. May more be comfortable in this original "outfit".

Wonderful story!!