Lifelong Naturist

I've been interested in living nude as long as I can remember, and I can recall some incidents from my early childhood where I just wanted to take my clothes off, simply because it's more comfortable.  In my teen years, I would often undress on a warm day when everyone else was out, and just enjoy the freedom of being naked.

My "coming out" as a naturist was in early 1991.  I had heard rumours of a nudist beach or two a little out of town, so I drove down and started looking.  The first attempt failed to find a beach, but I found myself in a secluded cove (turns out I was only 1/2 a mile from a nude beach, but didn't know for a few years), and I ******** off anyway and swam for a couple of hours.  About a week later, I returned and time I had success, and located one of two beaches in the area.  I found myself a space on the sand and enjoyed the sun, until I had to leave a couple of hours later, thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Over the years, I have managed to live a more naturist life, clothes are now only for keeping warm in winter, and going outside in public.  My current partner is also a naturist, which is quite convenient for both of us. :)

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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Must be really nice to have that in common with your partner. Once in her teens my now wife sunbathed topless with me - but she won't expose her pretty breasts in the sun at all now. Shame, Still, I enjoy being in a natural state

My experience was similar. Really got the idea when I was about four and just carried on until I could join up with the other nudists. It was a lot harder before the Internet, I've got to say.

Sure is, best way to spend time on the beach. No swim costume to get sand caught in. :) And in summer, one saves a pile on laundry! Last summer, the only laundry I had were my gym clothes and a couple of other items that were worn when I had to go out. :)

Sounds like a fun, relaxing way to spend time!