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I love running and swimming, and when I go running, it's lovely to be able to get out of my normal day clothes and into  my light running vest and shorts and enjoy the freedom you need to run properly. But even better I like being able to do without the vest and shorts and run nude. It's healthy and natural to be nude in the right time and place. When people object to nude sports,  the only thing they are worried about is that the genitals are on view, and to be worried about that is unhealthy and unnatural.
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I am not a regular runner, but jog-walk-run as best I can. And I _ love_ to do it nude. When I'm at the beach it's one of the most enjoyable things I do.<br />
As far as the "floppy bits" go, it's no big deal.I've never suffered any injury from running unsupported. I've tried wearing a c-ring to tighten things up a bit, but it didn't help that much.<br />
And barefoot running is gaining support with numerous ultralight shoes that provide protection from sharp or harmful "stuff" but let your feet work like nature intended.

<b>while i <i>never</i> would wear anything on my feet, &ldquo;five fingers&rdquo; are a compromise for those who want to be as close to barefoot as possible.</b><br />
i have little experience in totally nude running (more in nude <i>walking</i>), but am trying to get into it.<br />
but i always run (and do everything else) barefoot.<br />
<b>enjoy the feeling of bare-from-head-to-toe!</b>

Well to be honest I love running naked. My breasts aren't that huge to cause concern but have done only for short distances. I would second your opinion Samanta that its really cute though watching guys run with their bits dangling in the nature:)) I wonder how guys feel about it? :)

I love nude running and swimming. I can also confirm that body parts bouncing isn't a huge problem when running. Cold isn't so much of a problem here, especially in summer. Biggest problem is the lack of nude events. :(

Hi, Samantha.<br />
<br />
In the country I wear running shoes, but on the fine sand beaches near me I run in bare feet.<br />
<br />
Discomfort from my waggly bits? I think nature helps here, because the ball-bag is muscular (though not under it's owner's control) and wrinkles up and shrinks automatically in the cold and also when running and so doesn't waggle and I've never noticed it as a problem. As for my ****, it waggles a bit when I run, but so long as I'm running smoothly, which one should anyway, a bit of waggling is not usually a problem. Only when I'm running in rough country so that there's a bit of leaping about does it feel as if it would need a bit of support. Lovely question of yours to be able to answer!

Do you wear running shoes when you run naked? I would think so, else you could hurt your feet.<br />
<br />
When I was in college I spent some quality time at a clothing optional lake -- and I usually opted not to wear clothes. I have always been a recreational runner, even back then, and there were a few times when I jogged around there wearing just my running shoes, but eventually I decided that after a while the bouncing got a bit uncomfortable for my breasts -- not painful, just uncomfortable -- I'm just a B cup so it's not like I'm Dolly Parton or anything -- and if we were only going to run a mile or so for fun I would still do it nude but if we were going to run, say, three miles, I might put on a sports bra (but no panties LOL). <br />
<br />
That's one reason that I asked about discomfort from your male equipment bouncing around. Sometimes I would run with guys at the lake and if we were just going a short distance they would also run nude but for a longer run they would put on jock straps or underpants so they wouldn't hurt from bouncing.<br />
<br />
I have to admit, though, that I did like seeing the guys run naked because it was so cute watching their boy parts bouncing.

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