Naughty Girls Are Epic

Well i pretty much like naughty girls. I dont mean naughty 24/7. I like them only naughty when its in our own private time

WickedDavid WickedDavid
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i dont know. I just really like naughty girls. Like gitls who like to be spanked, punished, or even forced to wear a diaper lol. I actually have a diaper fetish. So i like girls who are into diapers too. I've never really met one yet but im hoping to =)

Dunno if links work here in comments. If not, you can look it up on wikipedia or Google it. Here goes nothin':<br />
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What the Wikipedia link doesn't reference is the fact that modern women, especially feminists like myself, resent the implication that a woman can only be unabashedly sexually active in secret or behind closed doors. If she is out in the open about her sexuality and her desires, she is seen as a *****. It's a complete double standard, see, because with men it's 180 degrees different. A man who has numerous sexual conquests is seen as accomplished or admired. I'd be interested to know your opinions on the subject. Peace!

What do you mean?

Ah yes, the ol' Madonna / ***** complex. Great.