I often wish I was a nicer person myself, but it doesn't come naturally. And if it's too hard, I can't do it.

If you want to know what sort of people I mean, check out my circle sometime.

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5 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Honesty ain't always pretty. It isn't about being nice anyway. Sycophants are's cloying and annoying.<br />
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My perception of you is that you are very tough on yourself and mostly kind to others when it is appropriate. Sometimes, as I am sure you know, it is not appropriate.

Hey there, its the first time I read one of your posts and I must say, you seem a very nice guy. I do understand that it is quite difficult to be nice sometimes because in this ugly world of us, ugly people exists as well and they really test our patience. Take time to breathe before you say something, and you know, it becomes easier with time..I know! Have a super day and regardless of what anyone say about you, you are special to a lot of people. x x x

You are nothing but special in my book and a nice guy too!!! I am lucky to have you as a friend. <br />
Love, Swan

I love you guys. And I respect anyone until I know different. <br />
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Um, we're not doing the Sir Robert thing Jinda...

i think you have impeccable manners to those who have earn't your respect......<br />
it's something about you that demands respect not just for yourself but for others ...<br />
not in a bad's like if i have earn't your respect then i am doin ok here at ep <br />
sometimes your comments are not nice but they are honest, thought provoking and intelligent...never nasty or demeaning<br />
you certainly have my respect Sir Robert<br />