Heard First Song

Didn't know the group but loved the song "Never Again".  Started to hear more and more songs and turned up the radio every time they came on.

Weeks later found the name of the group and got all of their albums, enjoyed listening to them.

Started putting a few songs on my wifes MP3 player.  She is totally into them, listens to very little else.  She enjoys the fact that they sing with out the screaming and it is lyrics she can sing with and not have it be country.  LOL

Waiting for them to get close to home, want to go to their concert.


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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Would like to go but the tickets will be costly.<br />
<br />
And maybe out of town at that time.

Couldn't agree more...I so love them...can't wait till they get in my neck of the woods...I am so going!