I Had a Socrates Moment.

I am reading Nietzsche's Twilight of Idols, it's fantastic, some of it is over my head but the parts I understand are great. He was critisizing the church and he said that an inability to take the passions in moderation, and instead completly denying them altogether was a bad thing, like castration. Then he spoke of how they contradicted themselves in the acceptance of love, the ultimate reliquishing of the will to a bass passion. With this contradiction I started thinking about Socrates method of taking people apart, the socratic method, and I tried to think up a way of using this information as a weapon(even though Nietzsche is a little disdainful of it). I ended up with this.

You beleave that our base instincs should be resisted.


Then love is a bad thing.


Love is giving in to a feeling.

It's the first time I've ever used this method, I'm not sure if I've even done it properly, and it was Nietzsche, not I, that started it, but all the same. This is a very cool and wholey effective club.

And I like the way that he say that all beliefs are in need of enemies and should not be against them, it's what pushes us to grow, provocation. And the part about the bible being inherently decadant because of its assertion of absolute truths. I just loved it all, this is just the page I'm up to at the moment.

I freakn' love Nietzsche! That should be the name of this experience.

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

Yep thats some good stuff there man......studied Twilight my self.....