A Little Pain Please

I dated a nice man for a time that tied me in a chair and put nipple clamps on my nipples it hurt quite a bit so to let me forget that he would whip me with a crop not very hard just enough to help me forget about the clamps.He would start by my feet and work up and work up my legs and finish with a few swats on my ****. Don't sound fun but I loved it made me very hard,After that he would untie me from the chair and have me lay on my back on a foot stool and plunge his nice big **** down my throat by bending his knees, a few times his friend would join in and do me in the *** at the same time.I loved it getting dped was worth a little pain.I think he is the one that made me a **** or maybe I already was!
bobiecakes bobiecakes
51-55, T
1 Response Jan 25, 2011

OMG I wish I could have been there too! I love to be tied or held down while several guys use me for their pleasure!!!