Nipple Clamps...sometimes...

I must admit that the feel of nipple clamps on me doesn't do a thing for me. We've tried it a few times, but it's not particularly pleasant.

Now, on my wife's breasts, they look spectacular. And once aroused, she likes some squeezing of the breast, particularly the tissue below the nipple, not the tip.

I agree, the nip itself is painful, but the tissue underneath can produce the same 'full feeling" without the sharp pain. Maybe it's due to the number of nerve endings?

But when I do see these clamps on my wife, she's always aroused and ready. It's not often that she'll ask for them, but she likes them when she likes them. And I've learned not to offer them too early. There are few things that will turn her off faster than to think she's being rushed, or the thought of something painful.

Just make sure to take enough skin when you fasten those boys on, people!
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

if you have adjustable clamps you can make the tention less thus elimination most of the pain. they are pretty hot when you have your hottie wearing them under her tank or cami what you go out on the town. her nipples are usually rock hard all night and pretty obvious she is wearing clamps. i love people looking, usually the women i take out like this are other mens wives. so hot teasing all night then taking them home for awesome sex.<br />
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* i have ony tried that style once and thought it was too complex for what i wanted to use it for, its hard enough to getting a woman to wear nipple clamps in public let alone one attached to her ****... so i let that go.

Has anyone tried the nipple clamps that have THREE clamps...two arced by a chain, and a third longer chain to the third clamp? I've heard that it's to clamp the ****, but i can't imagine how that would work. Do I misunderstand? How do you use them?

i love clamps...the kind with the rubber ends and the connection chain....little tug here and there

That's exactly the type I them!