Supple Nipps

Anyone ever use Supple Nipps? I'm just starting to use them and they say they will englongate male nipples. They actually di do this when I wore them yesterday but it didn't last when I took them off. They say with continued use they will permanently enlarge the nipples. Go to for more info and to order. Good luck and have fun!
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Nice I must investigate, have fancied bigger nipples. Does it make them more sensitive as well ?

Wear them every day and the will definitely elongate and become very sensitive. You\'ll like them very much.

I've not been able to find anyone selling the supple nips, here in the UK, as I've heard good things of them. I do have two sets of 'nipple suckers', one is snaller, and I think refered to as the 'snake bite' type ones, but I find them too stinggy to wear for long; plus being smaller, you don't get as 'big' a suction, so it doesn't seem to make the nipples enlarge as much; the larger set I have, are basically like just a bigger set of snakbite ones, they're less stinggy, so I cna wear them longer, and they'll enlongate my male nipples to an inch or so; My nipples have always been naturally big, and are basically just about perimantly erect; they always show through my shirts; I'm never diligent enough with usign the suction cups, to do it regularly enough, to say with any certainty if they've enlarged mine any more or not... But I do get regular nipple play; self and from my partner, which I think has enlarged them a bit from what they were. I can ****** from nipple play alone, but never have with using the suction cups or nipple clamps...
I'm hoping, when I start on herbals, for breast enlargement, this can have an affect on my nipples too, and make em bigger... Maybe I should try* get into a regular use of the suction cups again, and persavere with it a bit more diligently this time..

I bought my nip suckers from Fort Troff (Nip Pull by Oxballs). I use them in the shower each day and have seen an elongation over time. It has made my nipples much more sensitive and, when I wear a light fabric shirt, I enjoy seeing them show underneath my clothes.

Do the nipple enhancers make you have a super erection? They do that for me. Do they sometimes cause spontaneous ***********? Just wondering because this is what happens to me sometimes when I least expect it.

Instant erections when I start to work on my nipples. Haven't ever experienced the spontaneous ***********, but that sounds really cool. In the wrong setting, however, it could be rather embarrassing if a wet spot showed on my khakis.

any progress ?

They were giving me a perpetual hardon and I had to stop using them unfortunately. I enjoyed them immensely and yes they were starting to get longer.

perpetual hardon ... mmm


I can highly commend supple nipps. they are addictive and very effective. my nipples are long hard and sensitive. make sure you get good suction by ensuring hair free area and using lube or vaseline as contact between skin and supple nipps. if you get the larger ones and are over zealous, be careful as you will get water blisters on your nipps. also investigate vacuum cupping sets for similar purpose.