Nipple Torture

I LOVE nipple torture.

Any kind, any time, The more the better.

I can't think of anything else when it is going on.




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9 Responses Oct 14, 2009

me too

I usually have to try hard to persuade my wife to torture my nipples. Today was different. I had gone for a lie down this afternoon while watching TV when she came up, lay down beside me and started nipping, squeezing and twisting my nipples. I wasn't really in the mood, but didn't say so as she completely ignored my squirming and gasping. Knowing I had not had to persuade her to do this turned me on however as I realised I had become her property and was becoming a real sissy.

I like wearing a bra with holes cut for the nipples, then binding my nipples in bands so that they poke out very far then going out in public wearing a sheer shirt so that my nipples show. My nipples get very sensitive rubbing against the fabric and I love when men stare at my nipples. Sometimes in an adult shop or other similar places, men will feel comfortable grabbing and pinching my nipples, which nearly makes me *** every time.

I love nipple clamps and of course nipple torture and the more the better. And i am so fortunate that my beautiful wife Mistress L loves to torture my nipples and breasts. I am also a pain **** so her *** torture is great.

I live nip clamps - I set a beeper for 15 mins - lie on the floor - meditate & relax first - then after the 1st 15 mins I reset the beeper - put on tight croc clip nip clamps - very painful - then meditate again on the pain - I endure the pain - I embrace the pain - I feel the pain - but dont wuss out or remove them till the beeper sounds after 15 mins.<br />
<br />
I'm heavily into pain endurane & stoicisam as a test of character & MANHOOD - & this is one of several ways I test myself.

i will hurt your nipples. I love the idea of woman theat likes to be hurt clamped and stimulated. I find it interesting and would like to discuss more.

i like to bend ladies over with hanging ******* and then add clamps, then hang weights on them. I then make them sway. tjat pleases me.

I have some clamps that you can add weights too, my husband put them on me one night and made me get on all fours and did me doggy style. Each time he would thrust into me, my **** would swing back and forth and my nipples were aching in pain.

I would love to put some clamps on you. It is so exciting to see the reaction!<br />
I wish more on here were thrilled by this type of play.

Ahh yes, give me hard sharp tight nipple clamps every day all day. Just makes me horiner and hornier. Alligator clips with weights are one of my favs. Or any other way to hurt my nipples, yum.