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I recently have been trying to use a binder clip on my nipples because I read a story on another site about someone doing that. It hurts so bad but I was getting so, so wet. So the other night I turned off my light and clipped my booklight to my bedframe to see my nipples. I tried the binder clip on them but I knew I wasn't gonna ****** so I took the booklight off the frame, put both the binder clip and the booklight away and went to go to sleep. And then I realized. I am a moron. My booklight has a clip on it! So I clipped it onto my nipple and yea, it hurt but damn it hurt a lot, lot, LOT less than the binder clip. I was in nipple-clamp heaven. I only had one sadly but it felt so good...So I rolled over and I humped my pillow, direct contact on my **** (which, by the way, to sensitize it, I also clipped for a brief second.) As I was thrusting against the pillow, the light part of the clip was rubbing against the bed, moving and pulling my nipple, adding more sensation. I came four times. Which was amazingly good, considering it had been a week and a half since I had last orgasmed. It was the longest I ever went without an ****** since I started ***********. And that was a loooooooooong time ago.

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That is very hot

Try a medium size snap hook that guys use to put key rings on. They cost less than a dollar at a hardware store. You can attach weights or connectors. All kinds of possibilities. Have fun.

Can you explain more clearly? What's a medium size snap hook? Got an image?

I dont have an image. It is a metal hook with a spring loaded shaft to close the loop. Imagine a large fishhook that has a spring loaded shaft on the straight part that will close on the hook part to make a closed loop. They are used on the end of all kinds of baggage and removable straps from very small to very large. Ask for a snap hook at any hardware store and they should know.

Like the type you see in films where janitors have a lot of keys, right? They can easily hook and unhook the set from their belt? If so, this sound ingenious! Probably a decent weight, but not too tight for a beginner. And super cheap!

They come in many sizes and the diameter of the slide part of the hook makes a big difference, ie the smaller the size of the point the more intense the bite. Spring strength also varies a lot. Let me know if you tried it and liked it!

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I like my nipples clamped with pegs, especially after using stinging nettles on them, the pain is exquisite

I also love using clothespins, feels wonderful once take off and all the blood rushes back to them. I'll have to try using a pencil like you folks suggested.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Hi. Nice story. I started playing with my npples when I was pre-teen and by 16 I started looking for something to clamp them with. I started with bobbie pins and thought they were strong. Now years latter I use wooden spring loaded clothes pins which are very good because if you put them on the base of the nipple, on the areola, your nipple proper will protrude into the vacant area where the clothes line would be. You can insert any slender tool, like a pencil, to stimulate the tips and shafts of your nipples. It feels great. Also you can buy a pair of clover clamps. They also work best applied to the base of your nipples where they meet your areola. This leaves the tips and shafts of the your nipples out there and very sensinsitive to the touch. Rub them with your fingers or use a pair of medium tooth brushes on them. You'll love it. Hope you don't mind the suggestions. Have fun.