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As most of you know, I have developed a recent fetish for nipple clamps. But anything I have used, I only have one of. Until recently, I only could clip my booklight (see other nipple clamp story: Harder, Harder) onto one nipple. Well, I finally figured out how to use paper clips on my nipples and it feels fantastic. Just enough pain to hurt but loose enough that it isn't overly painful. But then...I got an idea! I got this old chain belt I used to wear, really cheap metal links that came apart really easy. I broke it into two pieces, one reasonably short and the other long. I put a paper clip on either end of the short one and attached the long chain in the middle of the short one. I now had a leashed nipple clamp chain. This is a really good idea for anyone who doesn't feel like getting expensive nipple clamps. The paper clips are easy to take on and off when they loose their grip or break. My favorite paper clips are the ones with the little ridges on them. If the nipple clamps pull, the ridges pull at your skin and feel so painful but so good. I prefer the bigger clips but if you want to wear them out in public, try for smaller ones. More discreet.

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Love a creative woman!! I will have to try this. Besides the clamps you can get at the XXX store I have used rubber bands and twist ties.... with twist ties you can also use leash but you can only wear for short time periods with these.

Your idea is great, I have done that sort of thing many times. Try 'Bull-dog' clips as well. I eventually left the paperclips behind and moved onto alligator clips with weights or joined with chain. At first I flattened the teeth on the alligator clips than found that was not giving me the rush it originally did. Then I only flatted one side. Now I don't flatten them at all and just let them bite into the nipples flesh.<br />
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You and can also try tying them up at the ba<x>se with thing string and letting them puff up then clipping them. try it and let me know what you think hehe<br />
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Good story

Clothes pins can be fun. My latest discovery is those over sized plastic clothes pin like clips with small teeth and rubber grips. They come three on a card at the Dollar stores in festive colors. They are not too strong, grip well, can be decorated and best you can drill a hole and add weights for an enhanced effect.

So Kinky! I'm making a set right now!

Lol, that's so funny!

I love it--arts and crafts nipple care :-)