Why Isn't Sex Treated As A Sport?

People are involved in sports on many different levels -- casual, pickup games, or more seriously into leagues. Most people, I think, are passive observers who get more obsessed when there is a big game. They like it for the social aspects of getting together to watch a game. Your hooting and hollering at a TV set isn't actually winning or losing a game, but it's fun.

And then when it's over, you pack up and go home, maybe making plans for the next time on your way out.

Why can't sex be like that? Sure, getting together for sports is social and requires commitment on some level. But if your kids have a party, people will be okay with you not showing up for the weekly game. Or if your spouse is sick. Or if you'd like to change it up. It's a commitment but it's not something crazy, you know?

Switching teams for sports will get you ribbed and maybe something more serious. But people hang out with you because they like getting together with you.

But sex ... there is a demand for fidelity. There is a demand for accountability, a desire for possession that doesn't extend to sharing with others. So, it's social, but also very exclusive and anti-social.

When I **** someone and have a great time, I'd like to be able to go home and not get hit with, "Did you have a good time? What did you mean when you said my **** was just the right size? Did it hurt when I ****** you in the ***, because there was some blood? Do you have to scream like that? What are you doing tomorrow? What are you wearing now? Why didn't you say hi to me in the grocery store?" Etc. I want to lead my life till the next time. I don't want to be ball-and-chained to you every moment of my life.

And yes, even after great sex, sometimes that's all I want. I don't want a next time. Relationships are complicated. You need to go back to your life, and I will be in mine. If our lives cross again, we'll deal with it then.

Don't cry. Boys don't cry when their team loses this week. There is always the possibility of next week. Unless, when it's over.

Then again, if it was wonderful, we can try it again sometime, eh?
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stimulator, it's how most of us feel till we find the proverbial "the one." oddly, i hear boys talking about "will i ever find 'the one'?" more often than girls talk about the subject, these days.

dickdare, the fluffers would be me, except i'd want the ***** to *** in me ... i'd make a rotten fluffer.

I'm warmin up in the bullpen... love it... that's where they keep the fluffers.

dickdare, the "keeping score" part of the sports metaphor can be fun, too ... as can the idea of a bullpen. ;)

I like your philosophy. It can be a very enjoyable game, each encounter being unique... and I'm not one for sitting on the bench.

captainstamina, people have said i'm blunt and cold about many things, not just sex. but why play games? ;)

nudy, as long as you aren't dumping one "good thing" for something you may think of is better. what if it isn't, and you've lost the "good thing" to boot? i'm pondering ....

publius, maybe it was a bad metaphor, but what i am getting at: passions in sports do not always include participation, nor does it include a commitment more than hanging out with your friends. oh well, i'm obviously not a passionate sports fan, and i would say that maybe the sexual ones are not sitting on the stands watching others get all the action ... ;)