Why I Dont Like Being Seen But Heard Through Silence

 All through my elementry school every one noticed me and made fun of me because i was chubby... So one day i saw this really cool looking pair of pants on some one and decided i wanted a pair.. So i got them and when i reached 7th grade i had a pair and started wearing them to school and it seemed that the other kids in my class were afriad of me and i liked it...

   Now im sure that at our 10 year reunion which is like 9 years away people will still act like they are afraid of me but i will give a class speech and i will be heard.

  Now that im out of high school and starting a life of my own. People hear me and dont make fun of me because they  wanna know who i am not who i was in school and i have now figured out that i am heard and loved for who i am becoming. A strong willed human being with an actually reason to be here.

Baileyboo09 Baileyboo09
Mar 19, 2009