The Male Form

I am a bisexual man so as much as I love to look at a nude female, I also love to look at a nude male.  I love being in the gym locker room when it's busy and there are a lot of people in there.  Lots of nude men getting in and out of the shower, changing their clothes.  There are always good sightings!  It's always a good thing to get to appreciate a man in his natural state.

41-45, M
2 Responses Jun 3, 2011

The great thing about being in a changing room is that its generally non-sexual, you get to see them in a natural state (not that erections aren't natural.)

Yes I looking at the naked male body I am a member of a Korean bath house day spa so try to get naked with lots of other guys at every opportunity. Naked in the sauna and spa, great to talk to other guys when they are naked there seems to be no inhibitions and you can talk about anything.