The shadow project

Photography: Audrée Vachon
Model: G. Farquhar
Digital editing: G. Farquhar

TheNakedPoet TheNakedPoet
46-50, M
1 Response May 13, 2012

I LOVE that the shadows depict a totally different angle then you!! Like two photos in one.....AWESOME!! You're a natural at the modeling... cause you can inject personality in both your ex<x>pression and the more subtle poses and angles of your arms and tilt of the head. That ads so much more interest to the works.

The different angles really appealed to me, too. I suppose I kind of anticipated that they'd be exact duplicates of what I was doing, but they're not the same - because the camera and the light are on different angles. The postures are better with the bottle than with the gun, though. They felt more natural and look more natural in the pictures.

I especially like the last one....You look so contemplative like you're really having a "moment" of considering something! I Love it when you look at a picture and come away with a "feeling" of what the picture was saying to you... I think that might sound a little crazy but I bet you get what I'm saying. I always find artists have a better understanding for the "feel" of their work then simply the visual stuff... Cause most art is about way more then just the "looking...I'm babbling now......but art sometimes makes me do that too!! :D

I never thought you were babbling. I liked the input. And I think I might change the name of that last picture now, because I like your perspective on it. Sometimes someone sees one of my pictures and gives me a whole new perspective on it, which helps me with the names. And you're right - I really do look like I'm distracted by some sort of half-remembered thought.

Aww how cool is that!! I love to think my babbling can be sorta productive!! You just made my whole day!! ♥

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