Cover from the sky

Photography: G. Farquhar
Models: G. Farquhar and A.V.
Digital editing: G. Farquhar

I was trying to think of a good title for this, and my first thoughts were along the lines of Shelter from the sky. And then I started to half remember a song I used to love, by Deacon Blue. I put it into a search engine to get the lyrics, then had to go through my old itunes folders to find the actual title - then change "shelter" to "cover". I felt it was moderately appropriate for the picture. The song is on their Fellow hoodlums album, which I first bought when I was in my early twenties - about twenty years ago. What happened to the years since then?

And now I want to play The day that Jackie jumped the jail, because that track is even better - though not even remotely appropriate for the picture.

I will love you when the morning is ascending
I will love you when the moon is riding high
I will love you when we're only half pretending
When our home becomes a cover from the sky

Well my eyes have seen the dust and then the ashes
And the lowland and white sky of your home
And the rain that washed mascara from my lashes
And nothing gave us cover from the sky

When you're gone I notice all your tiny touches
And it's then that I see it's then that I know why
If the days become the walls you never wanted
Our years will give us cover from the sky
From the sky

Well we've been among the saints and the angels
And we don't want to wait until we die
So we'll stand among the ruins of our temples
And prey to God for cover from the sky

TheNakedPoet TheNakedPoet
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

Omigosh!! That second one is AWESOME!! It almost holds an ethereal quality to it now! It's amazing how a little editing can alter the whole "vibe" in a piece of work!! You have a really gifted eye for this too!

Cool. I wasn't entirely sure if the second picture was better or not. I know it's less subtle, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's not as good.

I LOVE the dramatic effect the added contrast adds!! In the above one you guys seem more relaxed in the second the lighting has upped the intensity between you....A completely different 'vibe" but one I love cause intensity, especially when one is naked ROCKS!!

You did perfect with it. Each time I look at it my eyes are drawn first to you guys and then it's the impact as the eyes move to take in the sky!! Also the way you are both elevated right into the sky offers up a lot of drama and keeps you guys the whole subject!

It's been bugging me all day. And now, finally, I gave in to what has been on my mind and returned to the image. I wanted to develop the lighting a little bit. Make the sky darker and make it look like that little shaft of light is actually coming down and enveloping us. So... now there are two pictures in the posting.

Awww This is a beautiful and honestly touching photo..The lyrics go perfectly with it too..... That sky is amazing!! Beautiful work...You can almost "feel" all the thought you put into what you create.... :)

Well, the song pretty much suggested itself when I thought of the original title. The most thought that went into it was in the digital editing. I wanted to keep the sky as dark and brooding as possible, without it overwhelming us.