Chains (A reprise)

Photography: G. Farquhar
Model: G. Farquhar
Digital editing: G. Farquhar

This is a return to an earlier project. It's probably not going to look too good in here, since it's going to be a bit small - but I'm convinced that if it's printed up at full size, it'll look amazing. It's one of a set of pictures. You can find them all (if you're curious) in my gallery.

TheNakedPoet TheNakedPoet
46-50, M
2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I agree with Sierra, these do look better in your larger gallery shots, though sometimes when pictures are posted on EP, due to size change, the quality changes. I've read other people into photography on here complain about the vary same thing.

I noticed your selling your work. Good luck. I hope you're able to make some good money.

Thanks. I've had the profile for about three years and only managed to sell postcards, so far. But maybe one day, I'll get "discovered" and make millions. Or just live relatively comfortably in some remote part of the Highlands. Like a hermit.

These are great but I do think they look better in your larger gallery shots!!

Thanks. That's exactly what I thought, too. I think if they were printed up full size, they'd stand at just around 47 inches tall, which was the thing I really wanted. A reasonably tall collection of pictures that would dominate a room. Something like that.