Les Deux Aventuriers

‪me‬: are you a fan of art museums?
Him‬: some of them
‪me‬: tell me more

~ Chat with Milky, 12 January 2012

I was thinking it would be fun to take him to a wonderful place I know near a winery on the river. I've only been there once, but it's truly lovely, and it has small alcoves where lovers can be naughty with each other if they've a mind to be.  When we'd visited, my husband did not have a mind to be, but I'd have been more than willing.  Then again, I have a pretty high sex drive, and I'm usually more than willing just about all the time.

It's why I'm glad I've met him.  My secret internet lover, I mean.  He has a pretty high sex drive, too.  And he likes to travel.  Not that my husband doesn't; he's always up for a trip, and the two of us have visited some wonderful places.  But there is no grabbing my ***, no attempt to graze my breast, no slipping tongues in each other's mouths.  Hell, most of the time we don't even occupy the same spaces.  When we enter an art museum, he goes his way and I go mine.  That's the way it was last April, when I visited the Met and the Morgan and the Forbes.  I went to the Frick and Soames on my own.

I was curious about my new love's interests, wondering if he'd be up for a trip to an exhibition like the one I'd enjoyed.  As if I had to ask.  The man loves tumblr, after all.  Still, it's nice to learn more about his interests.  We can't **** every single minute, much as I'd like to.

‪Him‬: I like pictures more than statues 
I love to photograph
and relate better to pictures
and what the artist was trying to paint

me‬: I wish you'd had more time in NYC 
the Met has a great nude photography exhibit
or at least they did in April
It may not be there anymore

I was curious, to be honest, to see if he'd seen it.  I get the hit most of his time on business trips is spent doing, y'know...business.  But he's chatted with me for blocks of a couple hours here and there when he's been away from home, and that is time he could be spending checking out the sights.  I don't remember the chronology of his affairs, so I can't recall if his long time mistress and he were still together last April.  If so, perhaps she was with him if he visited NYC, and they went to the Met together.  I can't fathom him going off to a different gallery while she looked at the nudes, as my husband and I did.  If he was on his own, I don't know if he would have gone to see it solo, or remained in the hotel room having phone sex with her. 
There's a lot about him I don't know. 

If it had been me, I'd have been torn.  I'd want to see the nudes, yet I'd want to have that phone sex too.  Maybe I'd have done both.  Brought my phone to the museum, looked at the pictures, then found a little spot in a hallway to call my lover and describe the photos, getting him hot and bothered until he jacked off, roaring.  Then maybe I'd have gone into the ladies room and jilled. 

I'd love to go with him, though.  As nice as it is chatting online and talking on the phone, nothing beats being together.  Touching myself is all well and good, but touching him?  Being touched by him? 

Yes, please.

I want to have adventures.  I want to enjoy exhibits like the one I saw at the Met, Naked Before the Camera, and feel my lover standing behind me as we look at the photographs.  I want to rub my *** back on his crotch, my soft buns poked by his hard ****.  I want to feel his hands on my hips, his lips on my earlobe, his breath warm in my ear, his words utterly filthy as we look at photographs of nudes, erotic art.  I want to feel my panties become absolutely soaked as my ***** juice goes into overdrive from the stimulation of being with him, smelling him, tasting him as I turn my head to kiss him just like the French people do.

No, wait.  I don't want this.  I need it.  And I think he does too. 

We are Les Deux Aventuriers, two people who crave sexually charged adventures, passionate encounters with someone we like and respect. 

Him‬: I go to NYC a lot M
I hope you can as well

me‬: I can.
‪Him‬: good
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You describe so well those things that I used to do, want to do, will do again - someday. A lazy afternoon with a beautiful woman, walking, seeing, holding, teasing, whispering and kissing, is a wonderful prelude to an evening of rolling, stroking, licking, sucking, biting, thrusting, clawing, moaning, panting, clenching, groaning, cuming, sighing and smiling. Throughout the day and into the night it's a day full of love.

they arrested a woman who had nude photos taken of her at the met a coupld eof years ago.