Nude Rving

 We have been nudists for about 28 years and about 2 years ago we bought a motorhome. We have been nude RVing now for 2 years and think it is wonderful. Late at night it feels so free to drive down the road nude. We have even driven nude during the day if the interstate is not busy with trucks that have a clear view of us.

 One trip while traveling nude during the day, my husband told me he drove over a big plastic bag or something and did not see it in his mirror and thought it may have gotten caught under it. At the next exit we pulled over and to my surprise he got up out of the drivers seat and walked outside nude to check it out. He came back in and said it it caught under the front axle. He asked for the broom so he can pull it off. So I got it out of the closet and went outside to see for myself and to give him the broom. We soon got the bag and back on the road. I am sure the cars driving by had a little shock to see us working on a motorhome nude

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Naked is the best way to travel. Keep doing it. It may catch on.

Hey you have to do what you have to do, get the job done, very good. T and L

Hilarious! Either your husband totally forgot he was nude or decided to challenge himself. Either way you both got away with it!

onthe highway i bet it was did isee what i think i saw ,,naw

As a trucker, i have seen nude rv'ers a few times. last year, i rented an rv, and spent a couple of weeks driving around eastern canada. i wasn't nude the whole time, but did do a couple of days driving nude and loved it!<br />
Thanks for the story, Sheenco

Isn't it funny you can forget your naked sometimes

I don't RV as such, but I do like to drive long journeys in my car naked. It is so relaxing.<br />
<br />

Living the nude lifestyle to the max. Great indeed. I hope you continue your nude traveling and lifestyle for years to come (although gas prices can probably put a substantial dent in the traveling department).

sounds like you have a great life, just glad one of those cars wasn't a police car

How did you feel when the drivers saw you?

Just a little perhaps....:)