Never Too Old

I've always enjoyed nude sunbathing. Why should I stop this most delicious, luxurious habit, simply because I crossed the big 5-0, a couple of years ago? I love a little color to my skin, I enjoy the warmth and the natural world all around me as I close my eyes and enjoy the sunshine. In my heart of hearts, I am~~ by my very nature, a Winter soul, but, I cannot waste the gorgeous sunshine of the Summer season by hiding inisde in the artificial doom of the frigid air conditioning. I feel that I must embrace all of nature because balance is important in this life. I've taught myself to enjoy the sunshine and I have discovered that my nude sunbathing is the very best thing about the hot months.
I live on a mountain, deep in the woods, trees and wild woods surround our home. We have very few visitors now that our children are grown. On these hot afternoons, I just adore filling the baby pool up with the water hose and easing myself into the cold water and "stewing" in there for about 25 minutes. The woods are alive this time of the year here in the mountains. Today, I heard a hoot owl hooting, many types of birds trilling, and various insects doing their buzzy things. It's like the world is suddenly plugged into a red hot life force, that I want to become a part of, without my clothes. I don't sunbathe for vanity any longer, I have the natural body of a woman of my age, I don't attempt to look my daughters age, I certainly won't be wearing any bikinis in the near future. I simply love being natural and being warmed by the sunshine of a lazy late Spring afternoon in the mountains.
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I've enjoyed sunbathing nude since before I went to school and still do all these years later. Age should not be an issue. It's far more comfortable and who needs white marks?

I suspect as we age, we can relax in enjoying our own sensations and joy, without worrying so much about having to please other people by looking "good". I'm just annoyed some cave person decided that animal skin covering was needed in summer as well as winter for "modesty"!

I just discovered this comment, I thank you ProfDavros...I am sorry I missed your comment and I agree! :-)

It allows you to absorb spirit, replenish you soul, prepare your body and your mind. It is your meditation and ritual. It is necessary for you ;)

well said!

It is, and thanks, I have missed you....

;-) thank you dear.

I thank you!! Sorry I missed this!!

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