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Nude Sunbathing

I love to suntan, nude if possible,but Connecticut is a prudish state and there are no nude beaches. They exist in NY and NJ, but that is quite a trek. My yard offers no cover from prying eyes,not that I care, just don't want to get arrested.If someone was in lower CT, I would like to go with them to NY.
Galahad727 Galahad727 56-60, M 2 Responses Nov 7, 2011

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I agree with you, CT. sucks when it comes nudity and the law ! I live in central CT. and find it very difficult to find a place to nude sunbathe. My gf and I usually go to the Ledges in VT.. Beautiful place to get naked !! It's only about 1.5 to 2 hrs. to get there. There's two resorts in CT. for nudists. SunRidge and Sol-Air. Sol- air has alittle more to offer, but their both nice places to go sunbathing.


i love to tan naked myself<br />
i lay out on my deck in the back yard naked it is very nice feeling te warm sun on my body<br />
if someone comes over an sees me so be it if someone stopsin to see wife i just lay out there even if she says oh he is on the deck<br />
i feel free when being naked like that