Nude Sunbathing

I love to suntan, nude if possible,but Connecticut is a prudish state and there are no nude beaches. They exist in NY and NJ, but that is quite a trek. My yard offers no cover from prying eyes,not that I care, just don't want to get arrested.If someone was in lower CT, I would like to go with them to NY.
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I agree with you, CT. sucks when it comes nudity and the law ! I live in central CT. and find it very difficult to find a place to nude sunbathe. My gf and I usually go to the Ledges in VT.. Beautiful place to get naked !! It's only about 1.5 to 2 hrs. to get there. There's two resorts in CT. for nudists. SunRidge and Sol-Air. Sol- air has alittle more to offer, but their both nice places to go sunbathing.


I agree with david4u - if people want to look, let them look. I would think that they could call the cops but the cops wouldn't be able to do much other than tell them to stop looking if they don't like it. Now if you were running around out front, or tore down the fence, that may be another issue. But I think one should be able to expect some level of privacy in their own backyard.

At my wife's parent's cabin we have an outdoor shower for when we come up from the river. With so many people you have to stand in a long line for the shower - or shower outdoors! The kids love it, and have no problem gettig nude (of course they are all under 8) to shower. At what age do we all seem to loose our modesty - it's too bad really. Anyway, the shower is visible from the upper deck if one were to stand at the very far end. I simply announce I'm going to use the outside shower, so if people don't want to see me naked they should not look down there. If they choose to, it doesn't bother me. I've had a few sneak peeks - kind of invigorating actually!

i love to tan naked myself

i lay out on my deck in the back yard naked it is very nice feeling te warm sun on my body

if someone comes over an sees me so be it if someone stopsin to see wife i just lay out there even if she says oh he is on the deck

i feel free when being naked like that