I Like It Too.

I like sunbathing as nude as i can get. I do wear a Thong without a top in my backyard on days i am off from work. I did lay out one time a few years ago and did get a little too much sun and sunburned my breast. I find it nice and relaxing sipping on a Mt Dew and laying out in the backyard listening to music. I like natural tan as opposed to tanning beds. Only reason i hate going to school in Ann Arbor is i am white as soon as the fall quarter is over;(
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4 Responses Aug 20, 2012

Natural tan is always better than using a UV bed...but overall body tan is great, whichever way to get it. Good for you to wear as minimal as possible. Happy tanning.

Try sunbathing nude in your yard. As HStoner stated, its a completely different feel once that last stitch of clothing comes off :) There is nothing quite like it!<br />
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Or try a nude beach....fun, fun fun! ;)

There is something qualitatively different, I think, about removing that last piece of clothing. It is liberating and feels wonderful. You have a point though that the Great Lakes region is not an optimal place to sun.

Very nice