.why Didn't I Dare Share My Love Of Naturism In My Teens?

I can't remember when I first really strongly longed to be naked in the free. When I was little I went to a school where we swam in the nude. At ten I was taken away from the school and it was like I wasn't allowed to be naked any more--like we all had to pretend we didn't have bodies. Later, as a teenager I was in the Scottish mountains. It was like being on top of the world, and the most appropriate way I could express how I felt, and be one with the wonderful world below me, was to throw off my clothes. It felt so absolutely right, but I never dared tell anyone around me. I don't know if anyone else has had the same experience, but life would have been so different if I'd dared tell people then, and found other like-minded people. I suppose we think we'll grow out of it. Since then I have been able to find people. My highlight was being in the music group at a naturist church service. But the life-style I've chosen for myself allows very few opportunities like that. I'd love to advise youngsters who feel the way I did, to discreetly find wise people they can tell about the way they feel (probably not family members--but to make the effort to find someone who understands). I still find it exhilarating just to commune with the open spaces in the nude.
duncanviolin duncanviolin
Jan 10, 2013