I Like Nudism

About 4 years ago, I saw a TV program on some Amazon Indian tribe that lived their lives totally without clothes .  When one of the youngsters had the opportunity to go to school across the island, he refused saying that he didn't like wearing clothes all the time.  I realized I had the same feelings and began searching the term nudism on the internet.  I had several opportunities to be naked at home and had enjoyed them very much.  I searched and found a nudist resort where being nude is the accepted norm. 

I found it to be a wonderful experience to be nude among others and play with no clothes on.  Even today the thrill of being free of clothes, feeling the sun and wind on my bare skin, and being with others that enjoy the freedom remains a new and fresh experience.  The challenge of mentally grappling with the idea has taught me a lot about myself and the world I live in.

In a world where people are always putting up a false front, it's wonderful to find a source of comfort and respite.  I've been to about 5 different nudist resorts, both very rustic and very posh, and the people are generally always warm and friendly.

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To me, the only things that were downers about being nude and going to a resort (that would accept me, as I'm single), were the expense and the presence of bugs, against which you must clothe yourself again in some chemical that insects don't like. I don't like doing that. Fortunately I have had little trouble with insects where I've chosen to go; but there's plenty of places where insects are a big drawback.<br />
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I, too, love to be naked; but now I live in a small community, and can't go around the house naked as I once did...

When one is first discovering nudism, I find there is a progressive development that is common to all people.<br />
First is the anxiety about the initial socialization, then getting accustomed to it. I remember after a time there was a sense of serenity where you completely forgot about being naked and you were at ease with your nude state, like having on your favorite old comfortable clothes. When the weather is warm, I long for a time when I can be nude to enjoy the freedom of being unclothed.

Last year was my first experience with a nude resort - absolutly loved it! It opens May 16, I am counting the days. Warning: It is very addictive.<br />
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There was nothing sexual about it.

Simple1234....that is one of the biggest misconceptions about nudism that our society holds. Nudity does not equal sex, and nudity doesnt "usually" (or eventually) lead to sex either.<BR>Cityfanman....There are family friendly nude beaches as well as family oriented clubs and resorts where kids are always present and welcome (with their parents or legal guardians of course).

Are there any nudist beaches for kids?

Being nude will usually take your attention towards sex.

Being nude will usually take your attention towards sex.

You said it there friend!! I have seen several of those documentaries on primitive tribes myself, and I have to admit that I find myself a little envious....I wish "civilized society" would lighten up on the clothing a bit.