Nudity Is Normal!

My wife visits her masseuse regularly (about once a month), but she was never quite comfortable to be massaged in the nude.

One day I had a migraine, so I visited her masseuse. I ended up removing my shorts, as even these are bothersome when I have a migraine. The massage wasn't sexual in nature, and I totally enjoyed it!

Subsequently, my wife also decided to remove her panties when she had her massage and then she understood the total freedom she felt, as well as the freer, longer movements of the masseuse!

Now we both have all our massages nude. The masseuse even asked to if we would "mind " being models for a simple demonstration of various massage techniques for a couples-only workshop she was having. Of course we participated, much to the appreciation of all!

Our masseuse was certainly glad about our acceptance of our own body-image.
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Well done.


Yes, nude is normal..... the original normal.

Sounds like an awesome masseuse

She is! That is why we always go back to her.

Well keep going back to her for me, I wish I could go instead of you. She sounds very understanding and comfortable with people.

Massages are best when done in total nude. I often visit an Indian ayurvedic massage centre at home. they r really professional but it is a man to man and woman to woman massage. In the beginning of the massage, they provide a cotton loin cloth for covering the genitals. But during the massage the cloth is often removed to get easy access to the upper thighs and pubic area. Since it is a man to man massage, its a non-erotic real massage which i thouroughly enjoy. Same is the case with woman to woman massage i am told since me and my wife take these massages together. sometimes, we had the massage together because only one room is available due to seasonal rush. And several times we lie side by side and the female massage girls have the full view of me lying naked and the male massager has a view of my naked wife. But these are professional people and i am sure it doesn not have any turning on effect on them. But some times i get a hard on watching the female massager rubbing iol on my wife's pubic area. But I try to think of something else to ease the tension.

maybe one day you can suggest your wife and swiching massagers? and see what happens!

yeah andy...i am thinking about it. I have been massaged by a woman before but i could not control myself. I felt embarrased but the massage girl didnt mind it at all. My wife is not very shy and she has no problem lying fully naked in front of the male massage therapist while we r having a joint massage session and she has even suggested that male therapists are better than females due to their strength. Let me try and tell u

I absolutely love getting massages from my Husband but hate to be nude in front of anyone else. I know I would not relax so there would be no point anyway. Am happy to be naked when I feel safe and that is really just hubby and me.

Well, I wasn't sure since it was not an erotic massage( which were the only ones I had until then)!

I did not know you could keep your shorts on for a massage. Every one I have ever had was nude.

Yes,I am! I don't know anyone who has has one and didn't enjoy it!

You ARE fond of your massages.... :-)<br />
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