Wearing Nylons

I love to wear nylons. I love the smoothness and the feel and the tug from the garters. It is wonderful to slip the nylons on over my skin. So smooth and silky.

I prefer gartered nylons to thigh high stockings. The thigh high stockings seem to not stay in place. Does anyone else have this problem?
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I am not a fan of thigh highs, for the same reason. They do seem to slip down a bit. I much prefer nylons that I can connect to my garter belt or girdle.

Thi-His do that to me too. But it isn't all bad. I love it when guys gawk when I have to lift my skirt and tug them back up.


I always like to garter my stockings

The feel and the tug of the garters is so nice isn't it?

It's breathtaking at times

I really enjoy and love to wear nylon stockings, especially fully fashioned nylon stockings. They are so smooth and it feels so well as many say to slip into a pair of stockings. I wear them together with my girdle and just the sound of the nylon when you cross your legs is so exhilarating.

Hi Nylonstockingslover, Yes, crossing your legs is such a great feeling. What color stockings do you like to wear?

I like black stocking, they are so sexy. What color do you like most?

I prefer black also, so I can wear them Under my suits.

My favorite is black too. Hanes/Bali/Playtex outlet stores used to carry other colors in the gartered stockings so I did buy other colors. Now they no longer carry the gartered stockings so I am so glad I bought the other colors. Berkshere does carry black stockings so I can order them at their website during their sales.

I also get Donna Karen at Macy's.

Black and dark tan, they make a woman's leg's look so sexy....

I agree.

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Hi CindyLindy,which type of nylons o you like the most?

Yes I do to, thigh high stockings don't stay up fpr me. I wear a obg and nylons. I love the feel of the tug from the garters.

Hi CindyLinda, I love the tug of the garters too as you walk wearing nylons.