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Nylon Stockings How Wonderful They Are!!

I realise that I am not alone wearing nylon stockings as a man, I just love those garment on my legs. Many of us men have found out that these nylon stockings are so wonderful to wear, and why should only women have the right to wear them?

It started as a youngster in my early year, I saw all those women way back in the fifties and sixties, when women usually wear nylon stockings with garter belt or girdles. I remember the sound when they crossed their legs, how it sounded and I felt that these must be wonderful to wear. I also remember when I was visiting my mums drawer with nylon stocking that I liked to touch and feel the sheer material they was made of.

I took some courage to put a pair of sheer nylon stockings on for the first time, my hands was trembling of excitement as well as could be caught when I tried them on. The feeling of nylon on my legs was tremendous and from that day I remember that gorgeous feeling of excitement.
Since that moment trying nylon stockings for the first time my mind was always trying to figure out how I should mange to wear them all the time. It was not until I was moving out by my self I started to wear nylon stockings daily, and I never regret that move in my life.

I realize when wearing nylon stockings you have to shave your legs and you also need pedicure as a daily routine. Just that gorgeous feeling of nylon caressing your shaved legs that is beyond imagination and a wonderful feeling. I think many of male persons wearing nylon stockings have the same feeling as I have experienced, and that is why I wear those lovely stockings daily.

I think most men at my age and younger agree with me that wearing nylon stockings is exciting and a lifestyle you can‘t be away from, you just need it.
Nylonstockingslover Nylonstockingslover 61-65, M 9 Responses Jul 10, 2012

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awesome, I luv it too hon!!

Yes, freshly shaved legs and stockings can not be beat! A warm bath, followed by moisturizer on your legs and feet enhances the feel and shine of your stockings. I too remember the wonderful sound of woman wearing fully fashioned and the RH&T stockings-just devine.

thats so sexy


me too

I totally agree with you, my partner supports me 100% and she encourages me to wear them daily, the feeling of wearing nylons is just amazing!!

I too love to wear sheer nylons and yes you do need to keep your legs shaved to get the full experience of wearing nylons...

Men absolutely have the right! The real question, I humbly submit, is how to wear nylon stockings fashionably as a man. I wear nude hose with shorts, and only wear heels and skirts for fetish occasions. It wasn't until fairly recently that women ditched nude stockings in favor of tights and leggings, so I see men as being behind the fashion curve by about 30 years.

I love anything feminine, so much so I'm getting ready to start supplements to enlarge, or grow, my breast! I'm so excited, hopefully I'll finally have one of my greatest longings realized!

The feeling of nylons on freshly shaved legs is exquisite!

Nylon are so wonderful the sound, the feel, the way my legs look in them, oh my! And I love to wear a bra to!