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I have to admit that I do love nylons. Like many women I have gotten away from wearing them in the summer and going bare legged but that was for comfort. On a very hot Midwestern Summer day nylons are anything but comfortable.

The rest of the year I love. I get to encase my legs in sheer luxury. I like to wear pantyhose, thigh highs and garter stockings or nylons for all occasions.

I have tried many brands and styles of nylons over the years and had settled on Hanes Silk Reflections. I was very happy with my Silk Reflections until they decided to quit making Silk Reflections Garter Stockings. It was now time to start searching for a replacement.

I tried many of the department store brands but it was getting very hard to find any garter stockings in the stores. I started using Amazon to buy my stockings and tried many brands but was not real thrilled with any of them and I don't enjoy nylons unless they encase my legs in luxury. I started reading and some were saying that the Europeans made the highest quality nylons. I started searching out European brands and found Trasparenze from Italy. I was very happy with these and have several styles of these including pantyhose, thigh highs, and garter stockings. I was now happy I had my replacement hosiery.

European Legs the vendor supplying my hosiery then added two new brands to their selection of European hosiery; Ibici and Omero. I decided to try these and I am so happy I did. I found true luxury to encase my legs like they have never been encased before.

When my first order arrived I couldn't wait to try them on so I took off the pantyhose I was wearing and pulled the Ibici 8 denier ultra sheer pantyhose up my legs. These pantyhose glided up my legs encasing them in luxury like never before. They felt so good yet almost like they were not even there. They give my legs a wonderful sheen that made them look better than any hose had ever made them look. Then I pulled my skirt up and it felt wonderful. Every time I moved my skirt slid across the ultra silky sheer nylon covering my legs giving me wonderful sensations like none other, I was sold. My experience with the Omero garter stockings was about the same. I will never wear a nylons from the US again.

The Ibici and Omero lines have many weights of stockings and pantyhose from 8 denier to 50 denier to give me the best nylons to cover my legs for any occasion.
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I am a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding, She told us we all have to wear nylons which is fine with me but a couple of the girls balked. She's paying for the dresses and the outfit includes pantyhose to go with. I am with her. I find the bare legged look very unappealing especially on dressy occasions.

Pantyhose compliments legs and feet nicely and are great for formal . occasions. I think they are feminine as well as far more sexy than bare legs.

Some women I have spoke to though don't like the feel of ghe waist. In that case thigh highs are a great alternative.

My opinion on your comment is that those women should wear them to honor their friend's requests on her wedding day. It is her special day. At the least they can try to appease her. People are so self centered.

Fantastic story. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to see a woman posting about the love of nylons. I find on here more men tend to post about their love for wearing nylon. To each, their own but pantyhose in my eyes are for the legs of women. I admit i have a fetish for women's legs and feet in nylon but I'm tasteful about it. And I personally have no desire to wear or see why any man should.

Thanks for sharing your findings regarding the Ibici and Omero pantyhose lines. I will definitely have to try them. For years I wore Hanes Silk Reflections or Donna Karan pantyhose. Then, a friend recommended Trasparenze, and I never went back at US hosiery. Today, my drawer is filled with Trasparenze and a few other Euro brands. I know what you mean about how this fine hosiery feels as you slide them up your legs.

Love the look.It reminds me of a occurrence.

adore them

I am right there with you. Being plain featured and small breasted I need to use my legs to the fullest to get attention, and I am needy of attention. There is a big difference how I am treated between days I wear "sensible pumps" and bare legs and days I wear ultra-sheer nylons and 5 inch stilettos!
And it is just amazing the reaction if my skirt hikes up a bit and my stocking tops and garter clips show briefly. I gave up pantihose & switched to gartered nylons for just that reason!

They do gain woman more attention. I cannot help but talk and flirt with a woman in nylons.

Love your story

So nice to hear from a woman who loves nylons! Seems to be rare these days.

Would love to see those legs and feet in the euro stockings any pictures?

will have to try

I can just iagine! But Id rather see!
Its definately a lot more interesting than the weather forecast!
Thank You!

I am glad that I beat the weather forecast. This time of year in the upper Midwest the weather forecast is pretty miserable. Thank you for reading!

Just had to comment - after your remark about the weather - after a cold, damp and pretty miserable late December and early January, its supposed to be in the mid 70s today and tomorrow here - now THIS is why I moved down here from the midwest!

Just what I needed to hear. I have to wear my heaviest tights to help me keep warm with a -10 degree wind chill here. I think it is supposed to get back up close to freezing in a couple of days.

Sorry Kelli, that DOES sound pretty miserable. We had a few days where it hardly got to freezing early this month - and it was not fun!

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Thanks so much for the review and info! Like you, my wife thinks that her dresses or skirts aren't really complete without stockings - and sexy heels too, of course! She even wears them in the Texas heat - not during the day, but for our "date nights." She only wears thigh highs or garters/stockings then though, says they're much cooler and more comfortable in warm weather than pantyhose.

Oh yes I do love my hosiery and also sky high heels. I also agree with your wife about pantyhose being too hot to wear on very hot days. If hosiery is required on a very hot day I will wear thigh highs, they are much cooler.