Straight Guys Shaving Their Legs....

a gay radio personality said he is having a harder time telling the straights from gays at the gym cause the straights  have started to shave their legs like the gay guys. well i checked it out and it does seem that a lot of the men that i know are straight have their legs shaved. well i just shaved my legs, it looks good, shows definition but seems like alot of hassle. i did it out of curiosity but i wouldn't want to keep it up, face shaving is a pain enough. so why do straight guys shave legs? vanity? just like gay men? are straight men becoming alittle less rough around the edge? i feel like Carrie Bradshaw writing her features.
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I thought about shaving my legs from the knee up. My hair there is quite light, and I think it would look ok.

hey willy, how much do you shave? do you even need to? i am not that hairy; very light on chest, thin under arms, a nice pubic patch. my arms are almost hairless, 30 years woring in sun bleached or fried most of the hair. my legs have very little hair, too many years rough work pants.

Dude go check out the body builders all the way back to the 60's, they are all hairless...

Well, define "straight". I am really mostly attracted to men but only sexually.<br />
I decided a long time ago that I don't really like guys though, at all. I don't like the way they act, I don't like being with them, not really even being around them all that much. <br />
That's just one of the many reasons I got married, blah blah blah<br />
Anyways, Uh no way in hell would I ever shave my legs. That's just not right. <br />
They are very hairy and supposed to be that way too. My wife shaves her legs, what would we like do it together or something? That's just messed up.<br />
If straight guys are doing it, well I bet they aren't getting laid.<br />
I know my wife would just laugh her *** off at a guy who would even think about doing that.<br />
Swimmers, bodybuilders, yeah I guess, most of them are gay anyhow.

I don't care if a man has hair on his legs or not. I do care if he has a hairy back (gross), hairy *** (even more gross) and hairy front (not putting my mouth on that). Hair on the chest is fine. I'm not popping some dude's cherry he is he a grizzly bear. I think it is fine that straight men clean up a bit. God knows they need to do something.

had a good laugh, hun, don't i know it.

the guys at the gym are not competion body builders nor shaving entire body for swimming, just legs. i think they are primping, women, you would be shocked at all the extreme, over the top preening that goes on in front of the mirrors, those gym bags are full of products, i mean like a dozen bottles of god knows what. i'm gay and i'm embarassed for them, a little sunscreen for me and i'm good to go.

it's VANITY at the utmost i said, know enough to keep that to the home mirror. hehehahahah.

Athletes have been shaving their hair for a long time, especially swimmers. I don't think it is a gay versus straight scenario though. The guys I know that have done this have all been athletes such as swimmers, cyclists, and body builders. I can see the guy having concerns at the gym because they are wanting to show off the definition better. Other athletes do it to allow for less resistance when cycling or swimming.