One Day...

I love old Churches. Anytime that I visit a new town or City, one of the first tings I do is locate the oldest Church in town. There is so much history in the walls, the paintings, and if you get a chance, talk to the Priests or Elders. They stories they can tell, the memories of a time when there was no internet, no cell phones, and when Religion was a real part of people's lives. Castles it goes without saying. I love an old castle. Doesn't have to be huge, just have some history attached to it. A Castle with forest that's over 200 years old. I dislike all these *new* Castle's that people are attempting to build. I want that hundred year old look, not that brand new look. I will own a castle one day. After I make more money than Boyz II Men. Just watch, laugh all you want but it WILL happen. 
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I love castles too. I keep trying to build the past in my mind.<br />
My curiosity about how they build those castles, and how they lived in it. <br />
Do you imagine the amount of work they had to put carving the stone with very primitive tools. Amazing!

One of the things I miss about going to a Catholic church was the art work. I paid no attention to the priest, instead I stared at the walls and statues imagining the stories they were created from. I went to an all day mass/some sort of extra special event once with my VERY Catholic family and despite my lack of beliefs, I had an amazing time. And castles....I used to think they were all haunteby the people who were tortured in dungeons and beheaded in the yeard, but now they're beautiful to me and I would love to visit a few!