I have this penny..it was minted in 1962 and so its almost 50 years old.
Its not a lucky penny, and its still worth only 1cent
but i still carry it with me in my front right side pocket when i go places most times.
Im 22 as of july 29th 2010.  But i sometimes think i would have liked to have been around in the fortys and haved lived
in thoes times.  So i keep this penny with me and it reminds me of when Audrey Hepburn became Americas sweet heart
and when she sung 'moon river'.  It reminds me of film transitioning into color and people dressed propper.
It reminds me of suspenders and dress shirts.
It reminds me of women wearing dresses and men opening doors for them.
It reminds me of Marylin Monroe because it was minted in the same year she passed on.
Of Howard Hughes and the old fashioned American Dream. 
Dont get me wrong, i wouldnt trade suspenders and buggies for the internet.
But i still like thinking about what life would have been like back then.

brian07891 brian07891
22-25, M
Aug 7, 2010