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I am fascinated by history and the way it relates to buildings, material things. These things left behind are echoes of what was, and simply by being near them, you can feel the impression of the past. I feel this way with many things, but one example that readily comes to mind was a bunk house. When my parents and I moved out to Oklahoma to live with my great grandma on her farm there were all sorts of things for me to explore. The bunk house was beside her house, probably about 15 yards away. It was filled with many things that had been stored. My great grandma wasn't exactly a hoarder but she had a hard time letting go of things if she thought that she might one day be able to re purpose something that was no longer in working order. I also learned later that her son and his wife had lived in this building for awhile...which was hard for me to grasp, it only being a one room structure, and not a very big one at that. But after realizing it I began to look at it more closely and noticed the faded wallpaper on the walls where it hadn't peeled off...the old wood stove..and other things that I figured must have been left over from when it had actually housed people. Idk why...but I was always drawn to that building and spent a lot of time going through the old things that were left behind...
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I can relate as well, in a fashion of my own home. It was built some time in 1903, with parts of it that were added and removed. It had supposedly been a tent house for settling oil field workers, then became a real house built onto the tent work. Then streets came, and a business front was added. It was a house and a business all in one, an ice cream parlor in the 1920's, still not sure what it was before that even. It then became a sign shop in the 70's, and it's been a sign shop with hand painted lettering(and murals) ever since, because my dad was a sign painter. ~When I was a kid I thought I saw a ghost in it once, but that was so long ago....I lived there my whole life and never saw anything since. My mother also lived there as a child, but never noticed anything that she could remember. blah blah blah, anyway, living in a house like that, with more history than I can mention, it gave me a respect for old homes. It makes them feel well, like home. :) Used and comfy, warn, but loved. Filled with so many memories and wonders...sorry I just probably bored you to death. :D

I love hearing about all thouse things. I see that little girl there.. Simple things that are important and remembered from the more care free parts of a little girls life..

Yes.... I can totally relate to that.... especially with old buildings as you say..... for example there was an old store in my neighborhood that was built in 1906..... it had the old metal tin ceilings in it.... when I was a kid I used to think of the history and if those ceilings could tell I could tell about the people that came through the stores front doors over the years..... antiques,photographs tell us about a bygone era...i also like before and after pictures of places