Old Fashioned

Everyone who knows me tells me that I was born in the wrong decade. I love anything btween the '20s and now, and even before that! My favorite actress is Marilyn Monroe, her best movie being Some Like it Hot.  I'm also a big fan of Rita Hayworth and I LOVE the Red Skelton Show!! I love old music and am obsessed with old cars (even the Model T ford!! I really want an old T-Bird, though). Black & White Movies and TV shows are the best. My room is decorated like that of the '20s - '50s and looks like you're walking into a black & white film. Marilyn posters are all over... in black & white of course. I even have many old fashion clothes that I actually wear!! Whether it be my flapper dress, go-go dress, bell bottoms, hippie shirts, victorian gowns, or whatever... you name it, I'd wear it (and might have it already, too)! The phone in my room is even an old fashion turn dial one. I just love nostalgia!!

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4 Responses Jun 18, 2007

Everyone thinks I was born in the wrong decade! I should have been born in Georgian England!


Its not? What about "Father Knows Best"? That for sure is a documentary, right?

For years I thought "Leave It To Beaver" was a documentary.