...  this is my mother phyillis, then  my sister lynn, then a pic of all 3 of us sisters lynn,my twin sister karen the red head  and me the blonde. then  a pic of my granny ruth  ,gran father phillip and my mother as a baby ...  I love black and white pics

lunnas lunnas
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lovely pics thanks for showing,

the 3 sisters is me and my sisters iam the blonde the red haired is my twin sister karen and the older one is lynn the cuple is my grand mother and my mother as a baby

These are wonderful gems. I will also throw in a thanks for sharing. :)

Lunnas, the photo with 3 girls is marvellous!!! <br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing! :-)

i do to lunnas! i have alot of very old ones. i go thru them every once in awhile!